Erotic Fictions

I write and draw erotic fictions. Kinky texts about domination, made with the dirty ink of a black ballpoint pen.

Fiction is great to talk about reality. It unfolds alt-worlds.

Do you want me to push a little further, a little deeper, read my texts. The title always say it all.

Which one will you pick first?

  • Maneater


    Here is the Maneater, Empress of devils. First day in Hell is with her. My First, and last. It is a strange thing to know she will fuck me to death and eat me alive. All I wanted was to die and go to Hell for her. Here…

  • Cuckold Kiss

    Cuckold Kiss

    Some are more easy than others. A woman with a dirty mouth is not easy. For some, like you, sharing a wife who dares to play you is exciting. She is not going to let you get away with stuff just because she loves you.

  • Little Death

    Little Death

    Mellony wants to blow him up in a car crash.It is the story of the little death legend, also called La petite mort, a near-death experience from orgasm. Sometimes it is fatal. One rule then, do not pass the line. Stay on edge.

  • Abduction Trip

    Abduction Trip

    I want sex. I give sex. I want to suffer for that pleasure. Because that makes me come. I am a broken doll. But I don’t want to be fixed. I only have the strength of the acts of despair. Like a wild animal caught in the headlights.

  • Piss Perfume

    Piss Perfume

    Is it the right time to talk about he piss Perfume! Odors are Puritan’s big fear. A problem to flush. Why not let a naughty neighbor or stranger pee on us? Yes, odors are all my life for the pleasure of women.

  • Cuckold Sex

    Cuckold Sex

    With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria De Cock is not afraid to play with her own rules. With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria De Cock is not afraid to play with her own rules.

  • Rich Old Bitch

    Rich Old Bitch

    With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria is not afraid to play with her rules. What does she say about Haute Lifestyle? It is a depraved life.

  • Coffee Break

    Coffee Break

    Yes, I fuck on the first date. It’s coffee break for sissy and I show you the videos of all my past lovers. I want you to comment on each dick. Which one would you suck for me? I want to play with you in my room.

  • Pervy Party

    Pervy Party

    The invitation card for the Femdom Perverse Parties only mention the date and Cicero’s verse Est hodie in bonis meaning “a day with the boys”. No address mentioned. Ladies know it well. Here is their little pleasure.

  • Broken Sissy Boy

    Broken Sissy Boy

    Here is a broken sissy boy crawling on the floor. His name is Ken. That is months, sissy Ken fantasizes about sex vacuums, roped systems, dilated orifices, electric stimulations, and vibrating tubes to train himself.

  • Strip Tease

    Strip Tease

    Above all, when you are a weak sissy desperate to be stripped of any masculinity and loaned out to suck cocks, you may visit mistress Gina. She will turn you into the pathetic slut you desperately want to be.

  • Dominatrix Anatomy

    Dominatrix Anatomy

    Dana wears black leather, high heels and no underwear. Are you shy? Dana likes to be outrageous. At the park, she ask guys in the aisles to kiss her soles. For a guy like you, she says: “I’ll strip you down, fully naked…”