Dirty Drawings

Come here my love, I will show you my dirty desires, my perverse thoughts, and my perverse mind. Come into my secret garden, I am waiting for you, don’t make me wait, I am already wet.

  • Going Down

    Going Down

    This desire when I am going down with you, sucking you stick, your dick, your cock, and feel every twitch of your body before orgasm.

  • Sexual Sadism

    Sexual Sadism

    “My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others! ” ― Marquis de Sade

  • Fuck Factory

    Fuck Factory

    In case you want to find out what’s going on at the Fuck Factory, we are taking you on a twisted tour… Big balls in preparation!

  • Virgin Suicide

    Virgin Suicide

    She knew she wouldn’t stand a chance with her two perverted sisters, and she couldn’t stand her sexual slavery any longer.

  • Masked Kiss

    Masked Kiss

    When you use your tongue for a kiss and are salivating like a demon, you can only feel better with a latex hood that makes you sweat.

  • Cutting Up Men

    Cutting Up Men

    An ultimate experience in direct reference to the SCUM Manifesto, a radical feminist essay by Valerie Solanas, who also shot Andy Warhol.

  • Sissy Gallery

    Sissy Gallery

    Pretty boys are works of art and must be exhibited in a Sissy Gallery, allowing visitors to touch them while they have to stand still. Good sissy boy!

  • Go Deeper

    Go Deeper

    Sissy training requires regular practice and repetition. Consistency is important for sissy behavior and pushing your limits. Go deeper!

  • X-Drones


    Some sexual experiences are more intense than others. Using our X-drones sexual procedure is your assurance of both pain and pleasure.

  • Short Dick

    Short Dick

    Look at you, short dick man. With that little spade of yours. Better cut it off. Only long spade are allowed here, and your measures are ridiculous.

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Summer’s best friends. Maybe you’d like to know more about what happened in the cabin after that day at the beach?

  • Masked Domme

    Masked Domme

    Who has not heard of the domminatrix granny Victoria de Cock’s famous parties? You absolutely must attend her weekend orgy.