Erotic Fictions

I write and draw erotic fictions. Kinky texts about domination, made with the dirty ink of a black ballpoint pen.

Fiction is great to talk about reality. It unfolds alt-worlds.

Do you want me to push a little further, a little deeper, read my texts. The title always say it all.

Which one will you pick first?

  • Sex, lies, and ropes

    Sex, lies, and ropes

    The hunting season has started, and many predators drink their early morning coffee inside a hunting box in an isolated country. Not me, I hate the countryside. I am a city hunter. I take my coffee at the corner

  • Even Sex

    Even Sex

    I wanted to forget about sex. Because — even sex… I am so average. I wanted to forget myself in that club. In the restroom, I found a back entry to Heaven. I cannot remember the club but I saw Eve with her snake.

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    I wanted badly an ice cream, but pretended not to know him. He was cute at the corner booth. A middle-aged man with no taste. Dressed like a college teacher. Proud Member of the Wifey-dunno-fuck-anymore Club.

  • Excuse my French

    Excuse my French

    This is what my Parisian lover is telling me. I love when he speaks French but Is it below the English that refers to it? What is this insanity? It is what he means? I guess my boyfriend is one of these dirty French!

  • Man-Crusher


    Confessions of a ballbuster. Careful, it is a serious matter! That girl has a crush on you, but it may not be what you think it is. What she means is she will literally crush your balls. That is her thing and how she loves men.

  • Precious Juice

    Precious Juice

    keep that precious juice! Protect your manhood, embrace your feminine side, and let your girlfriend decide for your pleasure, if any.

  • Maneater


    Here is the Maneater, Empress of devils. First day in Hell is with her. My First, and last. It is a strange thing to know she will fuck me to death and eat me alive. All I wanted was to die and go to Hell for her. Here…

  • Cuckold Kiss

    Cuckold Kiss

    Some are more easy than others. A woman with a dirty mouth is not easy. For some, like you, sharing a wife who dares to play you is exciting. She is not going to let you get away with stuff just because she loves you.

  • Little Death

    Little Death

    Mellony wants to blow him up in a car crash.It is the story of the little death legend, also called La petite mort, a near-death experience from orgasm. Sometimes it is fatal. One rule then, do not pass the line. Stay on edge.

  • Abduction Trip

    Abduction Trip

    I want sex. I give sex. I want to suffer for that pleasure. Because that makes me come. I am a broken doll. But I don’t want to be fixed. I only have the strength of the acts of despair. Like a wild animal caught in the headlights.

  • Piss Perfume

    Piss Perfume

    Is it the right time to talk about he piss Perfume! Odors are Puritan’s big fear. A problem to flush. Why not let a naughty neighbor or stranger pee on us? Yes, odors are all my life for the pleasure of women.

  • Cuckold Sex

    Cuckold Sex

    With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria De Cock is not afraid to play with her own rules. With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria De Cock is not afraid to play with her own rules.