Broken Toy

Come to me, I will break you

You stand in front of me. Properly tied. Delicately gagged. You don’t move. Well, you can’t move. You hear me say “…a blind toy ready to play with.”

Fragile! That’s what we are. We know how weak the body is. If you are the lucky one who didn’t experience it, I will teach you the pleasure of pain.

That difference between a punch and a pinch. The extreme violence of immobility. The fear of me showing you what could happen, is my job.

Your profound inner desire is to be broken by me.

You have the day, I got the night. With me, you will not waste your time sleeping or taking your energy back. Nothing of this is what you want.

Fear and pain are the motives. Don’t look at the hammer. Look at me. Look at my body. Yes, this tube is here to penetrate your body and your mind.

I break and repair you with gold. This memory, shining in the shadow of our night, is now the climax of your dull life: The scar of remembrance.

My darkness is inking your bright vanilla days.