Erotic Fictions

I write and draw kinky short illustrated stories. Perverse texts about female domination, made with the dirty ink of a black ballpoint pen.

Stories are great to talk about reality. It opens other perspectives. Am I that fictional fuck toy? I let you decide. Are you in control?

Do you want me to push a little further, a little deeper, read my texts. The title always say it all. Which one will you pick first?

  • Cream Cocktail

    Cream Cocktail

    You come every night to see her at the bar. The days she is there, having a cocktail, her allure gives you goosebumps. Tonight, you decide to meet her. How strange are these twenty steps in her direction?

  • Private Nurse

    Private Nurse

    Good morning. I am your nurse. The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse told me to tell you the operation was a charm. You became the one you dreamed of being. I know you get excited about the strangest things…

  • Porn Junkie

    Porn Junkie

    You watch porn. Until that day you found this first picture of your wife — online. She knows you like humiliation. Oddly, it excited you to discover her. You fantasized about sucking Them, with Her in the room…

  • Pro Hedonist

    Pro Hedonist

    I am a professional hedonist. A rich old bitch, Ivy-educated, secret keeper, sexy dinner date, wine connoisseur, travel companion, and their favorite slut. Here for epicurean adventures. Follow them…

  • Boxing Day

    Boxing Day

    You are tired of being a punching bag at the table. You are freaky, and you are not going to change it. How stressful could be the Holiday Season! I thought that the best solution to your problem would be an abduction.

  • Broken toy

    Broken toy

    You stand in front of me. Properly tied. Delicately gagged. You don’t move. Well, you can’t move. You hear me say “…a blind toy ready to play with.” We are fragile! That’s what we are. We all know how weak the body is.

  • Free sex

    Free sex

    I was desperate for a hookup. Everybody would smell it at first sight, and rejected me after I paid for the first drink. Wasn’t I capable of getting free sex? I would have done anything for free. Give a chance to some free sex.

  • Sex, lies, and ropes

    Sex, lies, and ropes

    The hunting season has started, and many predators drink their early morning coffee inside a hunting box in an isolated country. Not me, I hate the countryside. I am a city hunter. I take my coffee at the corner

  • Precious Juice

    Precious Juice

    Listen, Sweetie, I read a scientific study. I will resume that quickly for you, stupid brainwashed reader. In substance, the article says men have counted the number of cum shots in their lifetime! Poor boy, I will have to regulate you!

  • Even Sex

    Even Sex

    I wanted to forget about sex. Because — even sex… I am so average. I wanted to forget myself in that club. In the restroom, I found a back entry to Heaven. I cannot remember the club but I saw Eve with her snake.

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    I wanted badly an ice cream, but pretended not to know him. He was cute at the corner booth. A middle-aged man with no taste. Dressed like a college teacher. Proud Member of the Wifey-dunno-fuck-anymore Club.

  • Excuse my French

    Excuse my French

    This is what my Parisian lover is telling me. I love when he speaks French but Is it below the English that refers to it? What is this insanity? It is what he means? I guess my boyfriend is one of these dirty French!