Erotic Fictions

I write and draw erotic fictions. Kinky texts about domination, made with the dirty ink of a black ballpoint pen.

Fiction is great to talk about reality. It unfolds alt-worlds.

Do you want me to push a little further, a little deeper, read my texts. The title always say it all.

Which one will you pick first?

  • Can She Kill?

    Can She Kill?

    This is my story. I became famous. Too rich, too fast. Power is a poison, a fatal commodity for a kid transitioning from childhood to adulthood. She was almost my mother.

  • Millionaire’s Gala

    Millionaire’s Gala

    At the millionaires’ gala the guests were amazing, but we are nothing else than a facade. Nothing left inside. We are sexless. Fortunately an excess make-up hides it well.

  • Abduction App

    Abduction App

    Following the success of the Kidnapping Game created by Victoria De Cock in December 2021, the experiment has been repeated and extended to a larger group of preys.

  • Deviant Lolita

    Deviant Lolita

    Lolita was a serious deviant girl, perverse in all her thoughts. All was a game she must lose. A never-ended humiliation loop where a degrading experiment led to another.

  • Rubber Drone

    Rubber Drone

    Our medical devices are set for unreal orgasms. But with our rubber drone, keep in mind that the line between a friendly play and a rigorous one is very thin. Are you brave enough?

  • Bimbo Facefuck

    Bimbo Facefuck

    Not only a sexy slut attracting dozens of men with my bimbo body, but also a worthless stupid whore, throatfucked and used. I am the toy of perverts, ready to swallow!

  • Atomic Anna

    Atomic Anna

    Peter, the sex explorer, would probably never have been one without her. A man develop under the desires of his wife. It’s the story of Atomic Anna, a woman like you have rarely seen.

  • Plastic Peter

    Plastic Peter

    The early research of a sex explorer and the creation of the first known “Fuck factory.” Or how to grow up in the shadow of a perverse pin-up, an adored alcoholic, and a deranged scientist.

  • Lick Stick

    Lick Stick

    A short poem about what happens in that limousine on U.S. Route 1, somewhere on the East Coast. It is dedicated to Pauline Réage, author, and pseudonym, of the erotic novel “Story of O”.

  • Perverse Pastries

    Perverse Pastries

    Have you ever inserted slowly your finger in a tight donut hole? Engulfed back and forth an éclair in your filthy mouth? Played intensively with the dark chocolate leaking from a croissant?

  • Cream Cocktail

    Cream Cocktail

    You come every night to see her at the bar. The days she is here, her allure gives you goosebumps. Tonight, you decide to meet her. How strange are these twenty steps in her direction?

  • Private Nurse

    Private Nurse

    Good morning. I am your nurse. The Dr. Clitterhouse told me to tell you the operation was a charm. You became the one you dreamed of being. I know you get excited about the strangest things…