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  • Can She Kill?

    Can She Kill?

    This is my story. I became famous. Too rich, too fast. Power is a poison, a fatal commodity for a kid transitioning from childhood to adulthood. She was almost my mother.

    Published in Erotic Fictions

  • Millionaire’s Gala

    Millionaire’s Gala

    At the millionaires’ gala the guests were amazing, but we are nothing else than a facade. Nothing left inside. We are sexless. Fortunately an excess make-up hides it well.

  • Abduction App

    Abduction App

    Following the success of the Kidnapping Game created by Victoria De Cock in December 2021, the experiment has been repeated and extended to a larger group of preys.

  • Deviant Lolita

    Deviant Lolita

    Lolita was a serious deviant girl, perverse in all her thoughts. All was a game she must lose. A never-ended humiliation loop where a degrading experiment led to another.

  • Rubber Drone

    Rubber Drone

    Our medical devices are set for unreal orgasms. But with our rubber drone, keep in mind that the line between a friendly play and a rigorous one is very thin. Are you brave enough?

First day at Love, you open your eyes… No longer your bedroom, but a place populated by your sexual desires. As you slowly emerge, you get excited by your new home.

I write and draw with a ballpoint pen. All is a fiction, sometimes not. It’s about domination, and humiliation. About orgasm, denial also.

Sin Street

A weekly publication with author Kate Granger.

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