Sex, lies, and ropes

How to pull off your first abduction. 

It is fall, the hunting season has started, and many predators drink their early morning coffee inside a hunting box in an isolated country.

Not me, I hate the countryside. I am a city hunter. I take my coffee at the corner where I spot, observe, and eventually meet my victims. 

They taste like being kidnapped.

Abduction plays with our last and ultimate feeling: Weakness. Firstly, find someone who wants to be abducted it is easier for your first attempt.

Start chatting, be kinky, realize how isolated they are. You cannot imagine how excited your prey will be by talking to you. Be clear, make it real.

They crave the plot? Time to meet.

Meet in an impersonal coffee shop. Come first, and order. You know what they drink. Add sleeping pills. Leave the place before they get dozy. 
Drive far away. Stop on a trail. Look at your toy, how can you not be excited? Strip it, tie it up, and tape it down. Tightly packed flesh is so erotic.

Art is a dirty job but you got to do it.

Your abduction must be what your victim asks for: A sexual trap. Be easy on narcotics, they want that epic moment - a wakeup time in the trunk!

Arrive at the cabin by sunset. Do not fuck the body now! Prepare the show. Make it a performance art. I myself like to monetize a live show online.

I am not a player, I just crush a lot.

At this point, we have our preferences, and you will set your own scenario. I have this kink: to give them a chance to escape, and broadcast it all.

What after the escape? Hunting starts. It is too late not to trust me, but I lie. I love an early morning coffee inside a hunting box in a desert territory.

“Loser in sight!”  —  The perfect erotic shot.

Many will ask for a name, in despair.

Finally, neither I forget it happens, nor do I erase the killing, but it is just a bunch of isolated evidence lying around the Internet. Is a meme real?

“Where can I find more of her?” asked someone about the GIF.

So far, that request got no comments. No doubt, many perverts have done more research online than investigators have ever done.