• Fucker Fucked

    Fucker Fucked

    I know your liked it. I can smell and see that. But, tell me honestly: “Who fucked the fucker?” and most of all enjoyed it!

  • XXXmas toys

    XXXmas toys

    Look at my Xmas toys well tied, should I open them? I have all the weekend to play with them, or just break them.

  • Sissy Leaks

    Sissy Leaks

    Even in a cage, frustration doesn’t free you from pleasure. But It have to be humiliating because that your only way to do it.

  • Mystery Woman

    Mystery Woman

    You are more free than ever because you are doing what you desire. Your limits? Your ties are your boundaries. Explore them.

  • Sex Toy Box

    Sex Toy Box

    Look at them. Would you like to see how the toy gets used while still boxed? That’s the beauty, get used and be used.

  • Toy Factory

    Toy Factory

    A real men’s toy factory! Victoria wanted to start this start this now! She appointed me her secretary. I was too excited to refuse.

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    I wanted badly an ice cream, but pretended not to know him. He was cute at the corner booth. A middle-aged man with no taste. Dressed like a college teacher. Proud Member of the Wifey-dunno-fuck-anymore Club.

  • Precious Juice

    Precious Juice

    keep that precious juice! Protect your manhood, embrace your feminine side, and let your girlfriend decide for your pleasure, if any.

  • Strip Tease

    Strip Tease

    Above all, when you are a weak sissy desperate to be stripped of any masculinity and loaned out to suck cocks, you may visit mistress Gina. She will turn you into the pathetic slut you desperately want to be.