• Can She Kill?

    Can She Kill?

    This is my story. I became famous. Too rich, too fast. Power is a poison, a fatal commodity for a kid transitioning from childhood to adulthood. She was almost my mother.

  • Going Down

    Going Down

    This desire when I am going down with you, sucking you stick, your dick, your cock, and feel every twitch of your body before orgasm.

  • Millionaire’s Gala

    Millionaire’s Gala

    At the millionaires’ gala the guests were amazing, but we are nothing else than a facade. Nothing left inside. We are sexless. Fortunately an excess make-up hides it well.

  • Sissy Gallery

    Sissy Gallery

    Pretty boys are works of art and must be exhibited in a Sissy Gallery, allowing visitors to touch them while they have to stand still. Good sissy boy!

  • Short Dick

    Short Dick

    Look at you, short dick man. With that little spade of yours. Better cut it off. Only long spade are allowed here, and your measures are ridiculous.

  • Sissy Training

    Sissy Training

    Welcome to the sex psych ward for your sissy training. From this place, you will exit washed, cleansed and ready for a new life.

  • Heavy Stretch

    Heavy Stretch

    You are a locked sissy girl. You are teased and denied all day long. All what we expect from you is to train your mangina.

  • White Hole

    White Hole

    Download the book “White Hole.” A falling into the feminine. Down the rabbit hole to find out who Sissi really is?

  • Lick Stick

    Lick Stick

    A short poem about what happens in that limousine on U.S. Route 1, somewhere on the East Coast. It is dedicated to Pauline Réage, author, and pseudonym, of the erotic novel “Story of O”.

  • Object of desire

    Object of desire

    Here are your fetishes. Icons of the feminity believed to have magical power to aid its owner to rule all the men, and women.

  • Doll Material

    Doll Material

    I have selected for you a costume for a loser like you. And you know how much I want to feminize you. What are waiting for?

  • Femdom Party

    Femdom Party

    Which you do you choose first? And where do you want to put it? I know you want them both at the same time naughty boy.