Sex Experiment

  • Rubber Drone

    Rubber Drone

    Our medical devices are set for unreal orgasms. But with our rubber drone, keep in mind that the line between a friendly play and a rigorous one is very thin. Are you brave enough?

  • Sissy Training

    Sissy Training

    Welcome to the sex psych ward for your sissy training. From this place, you will exit washed, cleansed and ready for a new life.

  • Atomic Anna

    Atomic Anna

    Peter, the sex explorer, would probably never have been one without her. A man develop under the desires of his wife. It’s the story of Atomic Anna, a woman like you have rarely seen.

  • Sex Explorers

    Sex Explorers

    I lived in what used to be the “Sex Explorers” loft in NYC, on W 12th Street. It was rented as is, and I found their sex pods archive.

  • Early Sex pods

    Early Sex pods

    About being a scientist’s son inside Los Alamos secret town and the ensuing choices made to self-blast his bum.

  • Plastic Peter

    Plastic Peter

    The early research of a sex explorer and the creation of the first known “Fuck factory.” Or how to grow up in the shadow of a perverse pin-up, an adored alcoholic, and a deranged scientist.

  • Perverse Pastries

    Perverse Pastries

    Have you ever inserted slowly your finger in a tight donut hole? Engulfed back and forth an éclair in your filthy mouth? Played intensively with the dark chocolate leaking from a croissant?

  • Sex Pod

    Sex Pod

    I am opening my archives. This project was meant to be part of a larger structure when I started the Toy Factory.

  • Get in the Trunk

    Get in the Trunk

    It’s the weekend, my dear. Why don’t we get away together? I love tying up your naked body. Now get in the trunk, it is time for your abduction.

  • Night Fall

    Night Fall

    Life is a bitch, time for all to be kinky. I am fucking around with a lot of doubts, and fears, savagely tied by my ego.

  • Sex Drone

    Sex Drone

    I was a Sex Drone. They invited me to be the sex doll of a war scene. Dozens of senators bombed me and left me broken.

  • Sexual Surveillance

    Sexual Surveillance

    When the January 6 insurrection occurred, they had been doing this for months: using the video surveillance recognition system to spot the peculiarities of visitors.