Sex Experiment

  • Love Victoria

    Love Victoria

    Memories unpacked from the archives of Victoria de Cock, somewhere during fall 2022. More to come soon, very soon.

  • Vulva Pump

    Vulva Pump

    A sturdy vulva pump unit to put over the vulva and clitoris it is all I need to get nasty. Do you like my fatty lips? Come closer.

  • Sexual Sadism

    Sexual Sadism

    “My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others! ” ― Marquis de Sade

  • Fuck Factory

    Fuck Factory

    In case you want to find out what’s going on at the Fuck Factory, we are taking you on a twisted tour… Big balls in preparation!

  • Virgin Suicide

    Virgin Suicide

    She knew she wouldn’t stand a chance with her two perverted sisters, and she couldn’t stand her sexual slavery any longer.

  • Sissy Gallery

    Sissy Gallery

    Pretty boys are works of art and must be exhibited in a Sissy Gallery, allowing visitors to touch them while they have to stand still. Good sissy boy!

  • Abduction App

    Abduction App

    Following the success of the Kidnapping Game created by Victoria De Cock in December 2021, the experiment has been repeated and extended to a larger group of preys.

  • X-Drones


    Some sexual experiences are more intense than others. Using our X-drones sexual procedure is your assurance of both pain and pleasure.

  • Deviant Lolita

    Deviant Lolita

    Lolita was a serious deviant girl, perverse in all her thoughts. All was a game she must lose. A never-ended humiliation loop where a degrading experiment led to another.

  • Bliss Paradox

    Bliss Paradox

    These are Rex’s ghostly memories of Bliss Paradox at the Arkhipo-Osikovpa sanatorium on the Black Sea. Sin Street heroine.

  • World Origins

    World Origins

    The Origin of the World was painted by the French artist Gustave Courbet in 1866. It is a close-up view of the vulva. Here is my personal version of this world origins.

  • Self Bondage

    Self Bondage

    I love to hurt my tits, test self-bondage challenge, and see how long I can remain in the humiliating harm of a clothes hanger breast bondage.