• Porn Junkie

    Porn Junkie

    You watch porn. Until that day you found this first picture of your wife — online. She knows you like humiliation. Oddly, it excited you to discover her. You fantasized about sucking Them, with Her…

  • Pro Hedonist

    Pro Hedonist

    I am a professional hedonist. A rich old bitch, Ivy-educated, secret keeper, sexy dinner date, wine connoisseur, travel companion, and their favorite slut. Here for epicurean adventures. Follow them…

  • Sissy Leaks

    Sissy Leaks

    Even in a cage, frustration doesn’t free you from pleasure. But It have to be humiliating because that your only way to do it.

  • Broken toy

    Broken toy

    You stand in front of me. Properly tied. Delicately gagged. You don’t move. Well, you can’t move. You hear me say “…a blind toy ready to play with.” We are fragile! That’s what we are. We all know how weak the body is.

  • Cuckold View

    Cuckold View

    You love to stare at me, watching me being fucked hard. Would you like to suck them afterward? Feel my pussy on their cocks?

  • Precious Juice

    Precious Juice

    keep that precious juice! Protect your manhood, embrace your feminine side, and let your girlfriend decide for your pleasure, if any.

  • Little Death

    Little Death

    Mellony wants to blow him up in a car crash.It is the story of the little death legend, also called La petite mort, a near-death experience from orgasm. Sometimes it is fatal. One rule then, do not pass the line. Stay on edge.

  • Strip Tease

    Strip Tease

    Above all, when you are a weak sissy desperate to be stripped of any masculinity and loaned out to suck cocks, you may visit mistress Gina. She will turn you into the pathetic slut you desperately want to be.