• Virgin Suicide

    Virgin Suicide

    She knew she wouldn’t stand a chance with her two perverted sisters, and she couldn’t stand her sexual slavery any longer.

  • Abduction App

    Abduction App

    Following the success of the Kidnapping Game created by Victoria De Cock in December 2021, the experiment has been repeated and extended to a larger group of preys.

  • Short Dick

    Short Dick

    Look at you, short dick man. With that little spade of yours. Better cut it off. Only long spade are allowed here, and your measures are ridiculous.

  • Deviant Lolita

    Deviant Lolita

    Lolita was a serious deviant girl, perverse in all her thoughts. All was a game she must lose. A never-ended humiliation loop where a degrading experiment led to another.

  • Self Bondage

    Self Bondage

    I love to hurt my tits, test self-bondage challenge, and see how long I can remain in the humiliating harm of a clothes hanger breast bondage.

  • Miami Streets

    Miami Streets

    I did this drawing two years ago. It is the opening image of my first story named White Hole and which depict a falling into the feminine.

  • Middle Finger

    Middle Finger

    You have a neighbor that constantly flips you off when she passes by your home. Now you are addicted, ask her to lick her boots clean!

  • Domina Victoria

    Domina Victoria

    If you do not know Mistress Victoria already, you will get to know her very soon. She is granny dominatrix ready to torment you.

  • White Hole

    White Hole

    Download the book “White Hole.” A falling into the feminine. Down the rabbit hole to find out who Sissi really is?

  • Doll Material

    Doll Material

    I have selected for you a costume for a loser like you. And you know how much I want to feminize you. What are waiting for?

  • Snake Cocks

    Snake Cocks

    I was so eager to please all the twisted fornicators and depraved pervs. Pound my submissive throat. Use me as your sex toy.

  • Sex Snakes

    Sex Snakes

    I have a passion for the snakes. I love the big long ones, and very smelly. I love to feel their sticky venom deep in my throat.