Opening Spring 2024.

Domina Diaries

by Victoria De Cock.

Sex, Sissies, and Social Medias.

Abduction Game

There is no sex here, it’s all about love. There is no love here, because we want sex first. Sex, Sissies, and Social Medias is a modern love story.

I like this idea of a movie script. That’s how I visualize my stories, with short scenes that may easily be a post on social media. Sexy Shorts!

End of 2021, I ran an interactive Twitter show with others accounts, called the Abduction Game. Many were concerned, wondering if it was real.

I am now integrating this show, and others, in Sissitrix website, and searching a way to keep that interactive mood, and keep you entertained.

Talk to you soon,


female domination and dominant mistress

Mistress Victoria Swears She is Driven by Love!

Discover the portrait of Victoria De Cock, the scandalous founder of the Love charity.

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The Epic Rise and Fall of Mistress Victoria De Cock

In the wealthy community of Miami, the scandalous philanthropist finally gets her judgement day.

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  • Love Victoria

    Memories unpacked from the archives of Victoria de Cock, somewhere during fall 2022. More to come soon, very soon.

    Love Victoria

  • Fuck Factory

    In case you want to find out what’s going on at the Fuck Factory, we are taking you on a twisted tour… Big balls in preparation!

    Fuck Factory

  • Sissy Training

    Welcome to the sex psych ward for your sissy training. From this place, you will exit washed, cleansed and ready for a new life.

    Sissy Training

Latest Journal Entries

  • Broken Toy Diaries

    Journal entries of the daily life of a broken toy at the Fuck Factory in Miami, from Winter 2022 to Spring 2023.

    Broken Toy Diaries

  • Toy Factory

    A real men’s toy factory! Victoria wanted to start this start this now! She appointed me her secretary. I was too excited to refuse.

    Toy Factory

  • Mistress Widow

    Her name is Victoria, you found her online as Mistress Widow. Even with that name, you didn’t run away. You thought you were better, smarter.

    Mistress Widow

  • For Victoria’s Obsession

    My Love Foundation will be dedicated to broken toys like you that need serious fixing! Stay tuned. I am watching you dirty toy.

    For Victoria’s Obsession

  • The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    In the Miami’s world of wealthy retirees, the scandalous philanthropist finally gets her judgement day.

    The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

  • Rich Old Bitch

    With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria is not afraid to play with her rules. What does she say about Haute Lifestyle? It is a depraved life.

    Rich Old Bitch

A Medical Art Diary by Mistress Victoria De Cock

The Love Clinic is dedicated to broken toys that need fixing

Imagine that instant, on your very first morning, you open your eyes and start to see another place. Not your room anymore, but a gallery populated with your sexual desires. As you slowly emerge, you are getting excited by the beauty of your new home. Welcome!