Broken Toy Diaries

Daily life of a broken toy at the Fuck Factory.

Diary Entry #1


This is the diaries of a broken toy. Today was a great day, even if I am not sure which day of the week we are. I only know that I came last Sunday. The day of my abduction. As I start to calm myself, they asked me to keep a diary of my journey at the sex toy factory. So, I imagine today is the first day of my new life.

Diary Entry #2


A week I am here. I continue the broken toy diaries. The nurse says it is good for me. I adapt to the place. I like being here — an object among the other objects. A sex toy, a broken toy for the use of the visitors. They don’t come to the factory where I sleep, I meet them at the Slut gallery where I learn to stand still for hours. Yesterday, they wax my skin: hair, eyebrow, fur. The delights of hair removal are very erotic. My objectification has started.

Diary Entry #3


I have no idea why I write this these broken toy diaries. I just do it I imagine. Last night, there was a party in the cabaret, I could hear the girls laughing until the first light of the day. I wanted to know more and was told that I was too broken to ne a performer in a show. I couldn’t agree more, because while the first days were very exciring, this week I felt some melancholy. The change in life is radical and I have to adapt. I have pills to fight the dark thoughts.

Diary Entry #4


That is ten days since the head nurse arrived at the Fuck Factory. She keeps me in a constant switch between pleasure and pain. I am drooling all day. How delightful are the joy of imagination. When I hear her footsteps in the hallway, my body shakes, and my mind goes blank. I cannot control these waves of fear and pleasure. Endorphins and dopamine boost my happiness levels, and my body is less sensitive to pain. I remember one saying: “It is only by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” I feel it is all mixed. Do you have the same feelings?

Diary Entry #5


The routine of the work day only equals the intensity of sex at night. We achieved the production of the first sleeping pods. It is very arousing to sleep in it. I feel like being inside an oversize vagina. It the morning, it is wet of sweat and secretions. The hot shower taken from inside wake you up before starting the day. All these smells, feelings, and sensations get me excited all day at work in my white latex suit. The work consists in giving the tubes sensual and sexual forms, and to stuff them with foam, when we don’t add an exo-skeleton which is more complicated.

Diary Entry #6


I should write more in that diary to better explain what is happening here. There are rumors about. the head nurse. Sometimes you hear some intriguing noises in that damm factory. It is easy to get lost over here. There are clearly some areas here forbidden to our eyes. Whatever is there, some rooms are too dark to go further. One of them says that some patients are kept in constant pleasure, leading them to agony. Some says there is no limit of how they can transform us. We are becoming what we wanted so much to be before our admission there: A sex toy.

Diary Entry #7


We watch movies. Hypno domination movies projected on the walls of the Heaven Cabaret. Before the session, they drug us to be horny as fuck. They mostly show videos of Victoria De Cock from years ago when she was still active on the scene, coupled with multiple images of orgies. The effect of that showtime is a night of flesh pleasure. All toys are fucking each other. A whole night to evacuate the stress we feel there. It was on last Sunday. Today if I make no mistake, it is Tuesday, is it? They say next week I am scheduled in the transformation room of head nurse Angie.

broken toy diaries 7

Diary Entry #8


They took me back to my sleeping pod this morning. My body is in a cast and covered with bandages. I feel transformed. I cannot say if the last day was a journey of pain or ecstasy. It was intense, with cords, and tubes all around my body, exposed at the center of the scene. I was a toy presented to everyone, naked and fragile, tied and Immobile. They looked at me through the holes all around the room. I heard them whispering, and some were laughing. Then, lights appeared, and three blows hit the floor. “The operation may begin.” said nurse Angie, entering the room. That is all I remember.

broken toy diaries  8

Diary Entry #9


It took me a few days to come back to you after the orgies of the new year. I now understand better how to be used as a toy. When you lose the sense after being high during all this time, you wake up exhausted. My body is full of the mark, and I can contemplate the effect of too many kinks on myself: Deformations, dilatations, different skin colors, from yellows to purples, and reds. For three days, a feeding tube supplied me with morphine through a catheter running from my pod.

How long was I used as a giant tube, all holes open? Crawling on the ground, I stretch again, even more, with all my liquids flooding out of my body. Since this morning, pieces of memories come back, and I am so excited to have been this toy. I want it again. The sooner, the better.

broken toy diaries  9

Diary Entry #10

JANUARY 23 AT 12:29 PM

With this cold January, it is harsh to go outside of the sleeping pods in the morning. The head nurse has decided two more hours of sleeping and fucking in our pods until March. The work at the factory is monotonous, and some of us are fucking the toy dolls, or even each others, when nobody is looking at us. The odors of cum, paint, piss, and varnish are terrible in the main hall. So far I am very happy of my time here and the results of the sexual surgeries made on me. My scars from the last play evolves very well. I look so sexy now, almost a Bimbo.

broken toy diaries 10

Diary Entry #11


Sissitrix started drawing my new body with my extra curves all over it. I am becoming a voluptuous bimbo and I love being that slut. He promised me to publish a booklet of drawings for Valentine’s Day. I cannot wait to show you how I look like – as you know no cameras are allowed in the area. This Saturday, tomorrow, there will be a show at Heaven cabaret. Victoria will post our performance live as watchers and also as performers. She uses us as toys. We are puppets in her hands, mindlessly responding to whatever commands she gives us. I hope the witnesses will enjoy the show.

Diary Entry #12


Victoria is bitter these days. She is in fury after the new article in the local news, and upset the team was able to take secret pictures of the complex. This was initially supposed to be a sort of promotional content, but it finally turned into a big scandal. We have this week some league of morality demonstrating outside the building. We, all the bimbo dolls, bring them hot coffee. They are surprised to see how nice and friendly we welcome them. Some wifey even asks about our plastic surgery! Today, they are only a few to stay in the cold in front of the Fuck Factory.

Diary Entry #13


Since this article published in the local news and the demonstrations who took place a few days later in front of the building, a police patrol remains on site all day. I think it is fun to exhibit myself to them. Vickie didn’t see it that way and recreated this scene yesterday to punish me, saying I was such a bad boy. What does it mean to be a very bad toy and face the consequences? I see it as a reward. I am confused about punishment as I train myself to overcome humiliation. As they say — the more you fuck around, the more you will find out. But also if you never fuck around, you will never find out. That was my Mistress’ lesson today.

Diary Entry #14

APRIL 2 AT 9:05 AM

This is the end of the broken toy diaries. All the building is surrounded by police patrols for one month now. Even Sissitrix hadn’t been able to enter the Fuck factory until yesterday, but he immediately made a first sketch. We feel like toys inside the box. The van that brought our fav artist was also full of basic necessities. Thanks to him, we can stay a bit more. A month maybe — until the governor decide to assault the compound.

I admit there is something exciting there. A situation shrouded in mystery, leaving us wondering what will happen next. Despite the chaos, we are united in a hope of a peaceful resolution. Emotions are running high as we struggle to figure out the gravity of the situation. Fear and anxiety grip us as we await news of any developments. All the toys are uncertain about what lies ahead and how the crisis will be resolved. 

Diary Entry #15

APRIL 29 AT 9:35 AM

I took back my broken toy diaries. The calm before the storm. Difficult times are ahead as the authorities have not agreed to extend the permission to continue our activities in the city. However, the transformation of the dolls continues at a high rate, and many new creatures are walking the halls of the foundation, like in a freak show. It is too early to talk about any legacy due to this experience. I hope I can show you more of what is happening here. Vickies agreed to show more…

Diary Entry #16

MAY 24 AT 4:04 PM

Victoria now comes less often to the foundation since the place difficult to enter. She travels more, and we feel a bit abandoned.

I am still writing these broken toy diaries, more than ever I want to remember. All the developments of Fuck Factory are on hold, and we now work less on the making of new toys. Stocks are piling up, and shipments are rare. These sex dolls used to be luxury products. It takes now more ingenuity to assemble and get them out of the factory with the police blockage. They control the entrances and exits. We are all trapped.

broken toy diaries 16