The Story of a Rich Old Bitch, Using Non-profit to her Profit.

With her charity Love well established in Miami, Victoria De Cock is not afraid to play with her own rules.

Here is a Rich Old Bitch. ‘Vickie‘ is a power player in the philanthropic field. What does she have to say about the Haute lifestyle? It is a depraved life. In return, she is fully committed to charities.

So, there are so many fabulous causes. But Victoria De Cock limits her time to a few so Love can have her full attention. Love? A non-profit dedicated to helping men being abducted for sexual purposes.

Above all, Ms. De Cock is so proud to have been able to sustain kind men led by her secretary to support the Love operations. “My secretary is a pleasure maker,” she loves to say. She is right.

Love raises funds for patients that can’t help themselves. Therefore, Ms. De Cock discovered that desperate is the best personal lover. He does it as a raising opportunity, not only for love!

My two udders: repentance and vanity. I build Love with them.

“My two udders: repentance and vanity. I build Love with them. The ultimate gift? The gift of yourself. This is what I think about when people ask me to help and donate.” she said.

The rich old bitch has busy schedules. However, she finds the time to participate actively to support talented men. She teach them how important it is to give back to others, to Love.

Finally, for the gala, Victoria De Cock hires a photographer from a porn magazine. “He knows better how to catch our inner side.” She loves to take the pose and enjoy mignon to be her figurant.

I don’t think Love ever turned down a chance to help anyone.

Above all, what a devoted secretary it is. Always sharing. The “each one, teach one” spirit. Since childhood, Ms. De Cock knows how loved men need to be. Men give her all, she needs to give back.

This year, Ms. De Cock inspired a man to make the biggest single philanthropic donation ever to Love. $180,000 to support core operations. Victoria De Cock works tirelessly to makes it juicy.

Finally, the truth is facing you: Ms. De Cock is really gifted. “I don’t think Love ever turned down an opportunity to help anyone,” she said.