Blowing him up in a car crash.

Little death, also called La petite mort, is a near-death experience from orgasm. Sometimes fatal. Do not pass the line. Stay on edge.

I count from 1 to 10. At the count of ten you’ll be in heaven. Is your dream to fuck her? Keep your breath. One.

This line is la petite mort. Death awaits you if you pass before I count to 10. Do not pass. 2. I say two.

3. This is Mellony. Call her Mel. She loves to fuck her car. She is cruising for a hot cock. And here you are!

4. Mel will jerk you off. Her death seat is free. Open the door. But remember your safe-line. No cum!

5. Look at Mel. Look at these juicy melons. Isn’t she the big fuck you need? She is all yours. Don’t blow up!

We arrive at 6. You need to be hard, and strong. All gonna explode inside you! Am I speeding? Cool. Relax.

Focus on my voice. And I say, Seven! Close your eyes. Let Mel do all the job. Enjoy your last moment.

8. Is Mel driving you too fast? You can’t control yourself? Crash. You pass! Who really cares now?

9. You are defeated. You are no longer useful to Mellony. No sex for you. Watch her having pleasure.

10. Your end. The end.