Dirty Drawings

Is sex dirty? Only if it’s done right.

  • Dick Pic

    Dick Pic

    And it all gets fatty, smelly, and slobbery. And you have to swallow all, not to awake the monster in the room. I get that dick pic.

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Latest dirty drawings

  • Sin Street

    Hunters and preys survive in Sin Street — Mix of AI image, laser print, China ink, acrylic paint, black pen, and ballpoint pen.

    Sin Street

  • Handjob Hannah

    Handjob Hannah’s room before the fire of her apartment on Sin Street. She keeps telling me: ”Who is without sin?“

    Handjob Hannah

  • Orgy Party

    The private parties of the Capital bourgeoisie was something special. For years they used me and my holes for their pleasures.

    Orgy Party

  • Object of desire

    Here are your fetishes. Icons of the feminity believed to have magical power to aid its owner to rule all the men, and women.

    Object of desire

  • Domina Paulina

    “Always on your knees, always head down and never look in my eyes. You are under me… You are forever under me sissy. ”

    Domina Paulina

  • Sex Pod

    I am opening my archives. This project was meant to be part of a larger structure when I started the Toy Factory.

    Sex Pod

  • Call Your Dom

    We both know you’re just the toy I like to peg. Call me. “Yes Mistress.” Good toy, that’s the only good answer I want to hear.

    Call  Your Dom

  • Get in the Trunk

    It’s the weekend, my dear. Why don’t we get away together? I love tying up your naked body. Now get in the trunk, it is time for your abduction.

    Get in the Trunk

  • Dominicon

    Dominicon remains an unfinished project, a fantastic sexual epic story populated with latex monsters and ferocious mistresses.


  • Latex Gloves

    Four stages of design for the latex gloves I drew for the story ”Private Nurse.“ From the sketch to final rendering.

    Latex Gloves

  • Doll Material

    I have selected for you a costume for a loser like you. And you know how much I want to feminize you. What are waiting for?

    Doll Material

  • Sunday Sex

    All quiet since Sunday Police raid. “He that becomes protector of sin shall surely become its prisoner.” From City of God.

    Sunday Sex

  • Lots Of Laughs

    Look at you. You are pathetic. It is what you call… How are you calling that? Let me laugh. A lot of laughs LOL. You are a joke.

    Lots Of Laughs

  • Night Fall

    Life is a bitch, time for all to be kinky. I am fucking around with a lot of doubts, and fears, savagely tied by my ego.

    Night Fall

  • Snake Cocks

    I was so eager to please all the twisted fornicators and depraved pervs. Pound my submissive throat. Use me as your sex toy.

    Snake Cocks

  • In Bed with Sissi

    That’s what my dreams are made of, populated by kinky people, fucking all night long, and waking up covered in sweat and cum.

    In Bed with Sissi

  • Sex Snakes

    I have a passion for the snakes. I love the big long ones, and very smelly. I love to feel their sticky venom deep in my throat.

    Sex Snakes

  • Femdom Party

    Which you do you choose first? And where do you want to put it? I know you want them both at the same time naughty boy.

    Femdom Party

  • Sex Drone

    I was a Sex Drone. They invited me to be the sex doll of a war scene. Dozens of senators bombed me and left me broken.

    Sex Drone

  • Clown Show

    Another clown into the Fuck-O-Matic, a jack off big creamy pie in da’ face! Slurpy piggy slut, come over n’ take a slurpy seat.

    Clown Show

  • Fucker Fucked

    I know your liked it. I can smell and see that. But, tell me honestly: “Who fucked the fucker?” and most of all enjoyed it!

    Fucker Fucked

  • Kinky Hood

    You aren’t as kinky as you think you are. But here and now you will have time to think about it. Before I use you as my toy.

    Kinky Hood

  • XXXmas toys

    Look at my Xmas toys well tied, should I open them? I have all the weekend to play with them, or just break them.

    XXXmas toys

  • Cock Cast

    Sketching and casting sexual artifacts at the toy factory, taking my inspiration from the Greek antique sculpture.

    Cock Cast

  • Sissy Leaks

    Even in a cage, frustration doesn’t free you from pleasure. But It have to be humiliating because that your only way to do it.

    Sissy Leaks

  • Vanity Case

    Glancing at my vanity case for the night? You’d better learn my old perverse manners, little toy. Vanity is my favorite sin.

    Vanity Case

  • Do Not Cum

    Do I obsess you little toy? Are you looking at me while locking yourself in the toilets? Look but do not touch. No cum for you.

    Do Not Cum

  • Mystery Woman

    You are more free than ever because you are doing what you desire. Your limits? Your ties are your boundaries. Explore them.

    Mystery Woman

  • Morning Lights

    You are still asleep. Only fragments appear. Is this a dream? As you slowly emerge, you can enjoy the beauty of your new home.

    Morning Lights

  • Sex Toy Box

    Look at them. Would you like to see how the toy gets used while still boxed? That’s the beauty, get used and be used.

    Sex Toy Box

  • Welcome Stranger

    “Welcome! Bienvenue! We are in Heaven. Mesdames, messieurs, ladies, and gentlemen. Hello my friend, salut mon ami!”

    Welcome Stranger

  • Travel Sex Toy

    You want to be with me? When you said “bring me with you please, put me in your luggage.” What else did you expect?

    Travel Sex Toy

  • Bouncing Boobs

    A quick and dirty project I did on vacation with my phone. An awful animation, but such a good subject. Isn’t it?

    Bouncing Boobs

  • Cuckold View

    You love to stare at me, watching me being fucked hard. Would you like to suck them afterward? Feel my pussy on their cocks?

    Cuckold View

Femdom Artwork

I create Female Domination Artwork. My only tools to create my art are a ballpoint pen, a pencil and a phone .