Cuck Envy

A good wife knows your place.

Here is Bobby. Your wife. You were happy the day she gets her boob job done. Why didn’t she ask a bigger cock for you?

Look at her. Look but don’t touch. What a dream wife. You fantasize about her. But you are not in the picture. Never been.

She bows down only to a real man. As a cuckold, you want this cock. Admit it. You try hard to picture yourself at her place.

She knows you love watching a big booby slut sucking a random stranger. Is there a better gift than being pleased by wifey?

You are a sissy with a little thing. She loves you. She feels bad for you. She allows you a little leak when she has sex with others.

He fucks her holes to the last limit. She begs you to stop this, crying. But you don’t move, you touch yourself. Hypnotized.

This juice coming out of her excite you. How could your small balls produce this cum river? Guess what, all this is for you.

Look at her again. She is having a big orgasm. You never have seen that. Is this exciting you? Too late to cum. Next time?

Put on your pants shameless boy. Face the facts, you are a loser. Yes, we know, now you crave to lick her. You are pathetic.

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