Coffee Break

Yes, I fuck on the first date.

First time—I show you the videos of all my past lovers. I want you to comment on each dick. Which one would you suck for me?

Such a cutie—I want you in my room. Knock on my door when you are totally naked and fully submissive. You have one minute.

Enter. Crawl to me big boy. Do you have what I need? What am I saying—of course, you don’t. You are just a little dicked boy.

Do you like big hips? The last thing you will see before I smother your cute little face—the ideal way to put you under control.

Real men get to fuck my ass—but all you will ever be allowed to do is to stroke that pathetic cock while I peg your mangina.

I bat my pretty eyes at you and you fall on your knees worshipping my female curves—look what I have between my legs.

Sissy never compares to my toy—this could be your dick right now if it wasn’t so fucking tiny. Turn around. Open that ass.

Yes, you will be staying without cuming all day silly. Undress me? Focus on my dildo instead—Lick. Nude girls are not for you.

Opening that tight slut hole while I deny you access to your worthless dick—I am the beginning of the rest of your beta life.


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