• Enchanted Fellatio

    Enchanted Fellatio

    She could play the magic flute divinely and pumped my instrument in the most divine way. Her morning music was a delight.

  • Abduction App

    Abduction App

    Following the success of the Kidnapping Game created by Victoria De Cock in December 2021, the experiment has been repeated and extended to a larger group of preys.

  • Go Deeper

    Go Deeper

    Sissy training requires regular practice and repetition. Consistency is important for sissy behavior and pushing your limits. Go deeper!

  • Miami Streets

    Miami Streets

    I did this drawing two years ago. It is the opening image of my first story named White Hole and which depict a falling into the feminine.

  • Heavy Stretch

    Heavy Stretch

    You are a locked sissy girl. You are teased and denied all day long. All what we expect from you is to train your mangina.

  • XXXmas toys

    XXXmas toys

    Look at my Xmas toys well tied, should I open them? I have all the weekend to play with them, or just break them.

  • Vanity Case

    Vanity Case

    Glancing at my vanity case for the night? You’d better learn my old perverse manners, little toy. Vanity is my favorite sin.

  • Morning Lights

    Morning Lights

    You are still asleep. Only fragments appear. Is this a dream? As you slowly emerge, you can enjoy the beauty of your new home.

  • Sex Toy Box

    Sex Toy Box

    Look at them. Would you like to see how the toy gets used while still boxed? That’s the beauty, get used and be used.