• X-Drones


    Some sexual experiences are more intense than others. Using our X-drones sexual procedure is your assurance of both pain and pleasure.

  • Atomic Anna

    Atomic Anna

    Peter, the sex explorer, would probably never have been one without her. A man develop under the desires of his wife. It’s the story of Atomic Anna, a woman like you have rarely seen.

  • Early Sex pods

    Early Sex pods

    About being a scientist’s son inside Los Alamos secret town and the ensuing choices made to self-blast his bum.

  • Sex Mechanics

    Sex Mechanics

    The early researches of Plastic Peter, father of the sexual pods and said to be the first ever known to have built a Fuck factory.

  • Sex Pod

    Sex Pod

    I am opening my archives. This project was meant to be part of a larger structure when I started the Toy Factory.