Sex Party

  • Can She Kill?

    Can She Kill?

    This is my story. I became famous. Too rich, too fast. Power is a poison, a fatal commodity for a kid transitioning from childhood to adulthood. She was almost my mother.

  • Millionaire’s Gala

    Millionaire’s Gala

    At the millionaires’ gala the guests were amazing, but we are nothing else than a facade. Nothing left inside. We are sexless. Fortunately an excess make-up hides it well.

  • Summer Orgy

    Summer Orgy

    That Summer was hot at the Underground Club if you were on Sin Street. These orgies were perfect time to meet Mistress Diana Von Rigg.

  • Sex Nights

    Sex Nights

    I witnessed the naughty nights at the Underground Club on Sin Street. It’s something you have to try once in your life.

  • The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    In the Miami’s world of wealthy retirees, the scandalous philanthropist finally gets her judgement day.