Fuck Factory

  • Sex Pod

    Sex Pod

    I am opening my archives. This project was meant to be part of a larger structure when I started the Toy Factory.

  • Cock Cast

    Cock Cast

    Sketching and casting sexual artifacts at the toy factory, taking my inspiration from the Greek antique sculpture.

  • Morning Lights

    Morning Lights

    You are still asleep. Only fragments appear. Is this a dream? As you slowly emerge, you can enjoy the beauty of your new home.

  • Sex Toy Box

    Sex Toy Box

    Look at them. Would you like to see how the toy gets used while still boxed? That’s the beauty, get used and be used.

  • Toy Factory

    Toy Factory

    A real men’s toy factory! Victoria wanted to start this start this now! She appointed me her secretary. I was too excited to refuse.

  • Mistress Widow

    Mistress Widow

    Her name is Victoria, you found her online as Mistress Widow. Even with that name, you didn’t run away. You thought you were better, smarter.