• Orgy Party

    Orgy Party

    The private parties of the Capital bourgeoisie was something special. For years they used me and my holes for their pleasures.

  • Dominicon


    Dominicon remains an unfinished project, a fantastic sexual epic story populated with latex monsters and ferocious mistresses.

  • Doll Material

    Doll Material

    I have selected for you a costume for a loser like you. And you know how much I want to feminize you. What are waiting for?

  • Sex Snakes

    Sex Snakes

    I have a passion for the snakes. I love the big long ones, and very smelly. I love to feel their sticky venom deep in my throat.

  • Kinky Hood

    Kinky Hood

    You aren’t as kinky as you think you are. But here and now you will have time to think about it. Before I use you as my toy.

  • Mystery Woman

    Mystery Woman

    You are more free than ever because you are doing what you desire. Your limits? Your ties are your boundaries. Explore them.

  • Maneater


    Here is the Maneater, Empress of devils. First day in Hell is with her. My First, and last. It is a strange thing to know she will fuck me to death and eat me alive. All I wanted was to die and go to Hell for her. Here…

  • The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    In the Miami’s world of wealthy retirees, the scandalous philanthropist finally gets her judgement day.