• Tape Face

    Tape Face

    You like this feeling, when your destiny is not yours, the future fades, and your mind races. Calm down, it is the first day of your new life.

  • Tied Tight

    Tied Tight

    Freedom is the power to choose our own chains. Not sure what was the thought of that French philosopher, but I found freedom in bondage.

  • Get in the Trunk

    Get in the Trunk

    It’s the weekend, my dear. Why don’t we get away together? I love tying up your naked body. Now get in the trunk, it is time for your abduction.

  • Mistress Widow

    Mistress Widow

    Her name is Victoria, you found her online as Mistress Widow. Even with that name, you didn’t run away. You thought you were better, smarter.

  • The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    The Epic Rise and Fall of Victoria De Cock

    In the Miami’s world of wealthy retirees, the scandalous philanthropist finally gets her judgement day.