Dirty Drawings

Come here my love, I will show you my dirty desires, my perverse thoughts, and my perverse mind. Come into my secret garden, I am waiting for you, don’t make me wait, I am already wet.

  • Sissy Gallery

    Sissy Gallery

    Pretty boys are works of art and must be exhibited in a Sissy Gallery, allowing visitors to touch them while they have to stand still. Good sissy boy!

  • Go Deeper

    Go Deeper

    Sissy training requires regular practice and repetition. Consistency is important for sissy behavior and pushing your limits. Go deeper!

  • X-Drones


    Some sexual experiences are more intense than others. Using our X-drones sexual procedure is your assurance of both pain and pleasure.

  • Short Dick

    Short Dick

    Look at you, short dick man. With that little spade of yours. Better cut it off. Only long spade are allowed here, and your measures are ridiculous.

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Summer’s best friends. Maybe you’d like to know more about what happened in the cabin after that day at the beach?

  • Masked Domme

    Masked Domme

    Who has not heard of the domminatrix granny Victoria de Cock’s famous parties? You absolutely must attend her weekend orgy.

  • Stern Mistress

    Stern Mistress

    If you have ever been to the Heaven pocket cabaret of Victoria de Cock, you know that a stern mistress is waiting to punish you!

  • Bliss Paradox

    Bliss Paradox

    These are Rex’s ghostly memories of Bliss Paradox at the Arkhipo-Osikovpa sanatorium on the Black Sea. Sin Street heroine.

  • World Origins

    World Origins

    The Origin of the World was painted by the French artist Gustave Courbet in 1866. It is a close-up view of the vulva. Here is my personal version of this world origins.

  • Self Bondage

    Self Bondage

    I love to hurt my tits, test self-bondage challenge, and see how long I can remain in the humiliating harm of a clothes hanger breast bondage.

  • Summer Orgy

    Summer Orgy

    That Summer was hot at the Underground Club if you were on Sin Street. These orgies were perfect time to meet Mistress Diana Von Rigg.

  • Tape Face

    Tape Face

    You like this feeling, when your destiny is not yours, the future fades, and your mind races. Calm down, it is the first day of your new life.