Broken Boy

Teaching sissy boys humiliation.

Here is Ken, crawling on the floor. That is months, he fantasizes about sex vacuums, roped systems, dilated orifices, electric stimulations, and vibrating tubes to train himself. Now Ken you are mistress’ toy.

Look at you! Is this what you want to look like? Feminized and transformed into a emasculated boy that only exists to satisfy me? Come closer, I’m going to break you, no reprieve, leave here your manhood.

Lick the floor and the heels who will smash you, leaving you totally empty, without other purpose than pleasing me trough pervert games. Submit your last will to me, don’t think or fight it, just be it. Lick it all!

Well, before taking it in his boy pussy, my so innocent plaything will be spanked first. Worship me, obey me, suffer for me. I am going to leave you totally mind fucked, humiliated, weak and begging for more.

Here you are broken doll. It is hard to accept but your tiny thing make you a sissy for ever and I will pass you the envy to touch your ugly clitty. I am in the mood to tease and terrorize you fucking puppet.

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