Dirty Drawings

Come here my love, I will show you my dirty desires, my perverse thoughts, and my perverse mind. Come into my secret garden, I am waiting for you, don’t make me wait, I am already wet.

  • Early Sex pods

    Early Sex pods

    About being a scientist’s son inside Los Alamos secret town and the ensuing choices made to self-blast his bum.

  • Goddess Venina

    Goddess Venina

    In a parallel world or a silent city, you might be glued by the gaze of Goddess Venina, but here and now, a sexcam is your only door.

  • Tripes Dinner

    Tripes Dinner

    You don’t care. I know, a serial killer won’t change your daily routine, but believe me, the mayor will be having tripe for dinner…

  • Sex Mechanics

    Sex Mechanics

    The early researches of Plastic Peter, father of the sexual pods and said to be the first ever known to have built a Fuck factory.

  • Sin Street

    Sin Street

    Hunters and preys survive in Sin Street — Mix of AI image, laser print, China ink, acrylic paint, black pen, and ballpoint pen.

  • Handjob Hannah

    Handjob Hannah

    Handjob Hannah’s room before the fire of her apartment on Sin Street. She keeps telling me: ”Who is without sin?“

  • Orgy Party

    Orgy Party

    The private parties of the Capital bourgeoisie was something special. For years they used me and my holes for their pleasures.

  • Object of desire

    Object of desire

    Here are your fetishes. Icons of the feminity believed to have magical power to aid its owner to rule all the men, and women.

  • Domina Paulina

    Domina Paulina

    “Always on your knees, always head down and never look in my eyes. You are under me… You are forever under me sissy. ”

  • Sex Pod

    Sex Pod

    I am opening my archives. This project was meant to be part of a larger structure when I started the Toy Factory.

  • Call  Your Dom

    Call Your Dom

    We both know you’re just the toy I like to peg. Call me. “Yes Mistress.” Good toy, that’s the only good answer I want to hear.

  • Get in the Trunk

    Get in the Trunk

    It’s the weekend, my dear. Why don’t we get away together? I love tying up your naked body. Now get in the trunk, it is time for your abduction.