Sex Drones

In bowels of the Capitol, lies Senators secrets

It is no mystery that Washington D.C. was built on a swamp, by witches, to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah. The District of Columbia has that perfect muddy clay to be molded by Evils. So, before Men built the Capitol, witches shaped the place, a made-up hill to hold the sins of democracy.

A month ago, my boss Sonja was on the Hill. The Senator she met smiled but did not deny such a tale. When she sucked him, she also did not forget to record him, just in case. The transcript says: “A new Chief Fuck Officer? How interesting” and “You two should meet soon, enjoy new experiences.”

I am Sissitrix. The new Chief Fuck Officer. I provide new experiences. Sex experiences. Do not judge me too fast. You know the facts, third of all web downloads and quarter of global searches are related to pornography. And this intel is a political matter of the utmost importance.

I work in a startup, with a cryptic name. Our clients are Tech giants. We get rich and famous when the founder Jakob came up with a sex app of a new kind quickly adopted by a billion users. We now help to create the next generation of digital couples. Fucking! Best lobbying ever.

Explore all ways you can fuck in, and create for, the Metasex

Do you like this catchline?

We know about the Deep State, this clandestine network of federal bitches, top-finance sluts, and fat industry suckers operating as a hidden power alongside the elected government, also abusing children in black masses. No evidences, but enough to feed US citizens. At least half.

Lobbying tames wild Senators. Mine is too old to refuse. When sucked daily by apprentices in politics, you show an interest in new experiences. He quoted my virtual blowjob proposal as “Exotic!” Now, he has dressed in a Metasex full bodysuit, I only have to connect his cock, and ass.

“… Sissitrix, suck me hard, little bitch!” I skipped the intro, operated the fuck drone, and started my presentation: “We develop the next generation of Metasex creators, fund high-quality immersive experiences that transform the way we fuck, and increase access to fantasy through technology.”

When fucked that deep, vacuuming the body fluids is critical. So suck it up, and let me finish the pitch:“…be the pilot of a new kind of sexual experience. We are already running the first sex factory to make this digital dream a reality. Senator, you are the last real man in this Senate. Support our bill.”

You are trailblazers, create, fuck and grow in the Metasex

Does this title sound better?

You may think it is easy and want to know how it comes that fast. You want the truth. Lucky you, I am Truth. Sissi Truth, the modern vestal. Welcome inside the Hill of Truth. And truth comes from drones, robots, and systems built in the past two decades. The last layer would be Metasex!

Trust me. Passing the new millenary was the end of the world. You didn’t see it. Not the way you picture it, but it happened. Would you deny this era of global surveillance where we lock you home, using a lab virus? They are more, I offer you to face Truth and take a lift down the Hill.

Why can I relate to this story? I have been there, invited to be the sex doll of a war scene. Dozens of senators bombed me and left me broken. I don’t even remember how I got kicked off the field. No one from the Senate was there. They piloted me with their remote pad from afar.

We are watching. We know you will let these robots strip you nude, you will love it. Our devices integrate all the required functionalities. Let it go. I am Truth, and drones are the best kissers in the world. They may fuck you hard, and no matter how much risky it is, you asked for it.

Mask used by Senators during black masses.

“…Through immersive content, unspoken fantasy” At that point it is uncertain my connected fuck was still there: “Senator, we are reshaping the Digital Hill for you… Senator? Still there?” Does he mean it when he says I am a witch?