Precious juice

How did I learn to preserve my precious sissy juice? Protect your manhood, embrace your feminine side!

I am not sure it is what I expected, but I love her. For sure, she loves me and, most of all, she takes care of me. That’s what I need.
I don’t remember the exact circumstances, she just asks me to record her talk so I can remember it forever. Here is the transcript:
“Sweetie? Listen, Sweetie, I read a scientific study. Yes, I know! I will resume that quickly for you, stupid brainwashed reader.
In substance, the article says men have counted the number of cum shots in their lifetime! Poor boy, I will have to regulate you!
You understand, Sweetie, you cannot masturbate as much as girls do. Oh no! It is gonna be soon a dry river between your legs.

In a different study… Yes? Do I read a lot for a Princess? Too much? In short, it would be safer if you embrace your feminine side.
Join me in the bedroom. Yes. Where girls spend the day. Yes? Yes! You will look great with a wig, collar, suspenders, stockings, and cage.”
Here, not sure how much time pass. She wanted to make a video. I refused. What was only left, is this picture of me. Then, she adds:
“I love you. Let me decide all about your lock. No waste. Be sure I will protect this precious juice. You love me. Do you? Sweetie? Yes!
Stop thinking about it. Are men just squirt fountain clitties still searching the pleasure hole? Know your prostate candy man. Adapt!

Good news. You are allowed again to play with Princess in the bedroom. Or, is it me who is allowed to play with you in my dungeon?”

I think now that I have adapted, to stay with Princess.