Mistress Victoria wants sissy toys for Christmas

Become a Sissy Toy for Mistress. This year Victoria De Cock and her charity Love are preparing a beautiful Christmas for those who feel sexually frustrated.

Become a Sissy Toy

So, you are asking for an abduction to then become a gift for others. Then, this Xmas, Victoria may have good news for you, choose now to be her sissy toy!

Become a Sissy Toy

How does it work? Firstly connect to @victoriadecock account. Secondly, with the help her secretary, she will select a few profiles on Twitter to become a Xmas toy.

Apply now and become a Sissy Toy under Victoria’s Christmas tree.

After your selection, on Dec. 1, you will receive an invitation. You must accept in the next 72 hours. Be warned that after your acceptance there will be no turnback.

Become a Sissy Toy

What happens after that? You will be part of a social reality show running on Twitter. For Xmas, You will play insane games with other sissies to please Victoria’s friends.

Become a Sissy Toy

Then, days before Xmas, a Love operation team will abduct you at home. On Dec. 25, Vickie will expose you to torrid adventures before you return to normal life at midnight.

And from now on? In short, connect to Victoria’s account on Twitter and after that hope for a personal message on December 1, 2021. Good luck!

You will love Xmas ‘21!

Note: This invitation to “Become a Sissy Toy” is part of the social reality show who occurs from December 1 to December 25, 2021, on Victoria de Cock Twitter account.