About me

in bed with sissi

I am creating short illustrated stories — kinky texts written and drawn with a ballpoint pen. All is a fiction, sometimes not. It is about domination, and humiliation. About orgasm, and also denial!

I draw as I write. I like it unperfect, dirty, and rough. My art explore the lands of the faulty body, the broken mind, and the twisted soul. I lost myself in too many stereotypes. Who I am?

Am I a young hetero fat woman? Not sure. Tall and black? No. An old white short man? Also lesbian? Maybe. A middle-aged skinny albino animal? Well. I am surely no gender. No sex last night? I didn’t sleep. I draw porn. I have holes. Some. I have sex. Often. I fantasize. A lot. I am like you. Probably.

Probably that’s the beauty of a pen name. I am Sissitrix.